The Brandl Generator

The Brandl Generator can operate anywhere on the earth's oceans.

Skizze des Brandlmotor Wellenkraftwerks

This drawing shows the basic idea:
A disc, ten metres in diameter and one metre thick, rises and falls with the waves. A pendulum mass hanging beneath a spring moves anticyclical up and down. This mass drives the direct-connected magnets that are inducing an electrical current while moving through the inductance coils.

(1) magnets
(2) inductance coils
(3) floating disc
(4) spring
(5) pendulum mass

This computer simulation shows how a Brandl Generator behaves at sea.
Click image to start
Click image to start (280KB)

Hint: Here you can download the Flash Player for free if you cannot playback the animation.

Funktionsmodell in der Nordsee

This is the first test of a smaller functional model in the North Sea.

Größenvergleich zu PKWs

Mock-Up of a Brandl Generator with 1000 kilowatt output. The cars are shown for the comparison of size.

Funktionsmodell in der Nordsee

This picture should give an impression of the huge dimensions of the seas and oceans. The potential of low cost power is almost unlimited!

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